Albania Bus Tragedy Update, two girls to be treated in Austria

Posted: May 23, 2012 by the American Friend in Albania, News
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The Health Minister, Petrit Vasili, declared that the two girls that are in coma at the Military Hospital will be sent this Thursday for a more specialized treatment in Austria. 

The Military Hospital Director, Bedri Mihja, declared that the transportation of the two girls will be made under the assistance of the medical groups. Florie Peci and Briselda Gubere are in coma and kept alive through artificial breathing machines. Their damages are pretty serious, but the hopes for improvement are great.

Mihja declared that five of the injured girls will soon be released from the intensive care, while another one will stay there for a more specific treatment.

Sequi appreciates solidarity

Ambassador Ettore Sequi visited the injured girls at the Military Hospital, where he appreciated the treatment conducted by the medical team and valued the strength and the courage of the injured girls for facing the situation.

Sequi also valued the solidarity that was shown in these days of tragedy, declaring:

“I saw solidarity from the Albanians. The Albanian society is able to join and face challenges and problems. I trust that this will continue even when Albanian will face other challenges”, Sequi declared.

Holy Father prays for the victims

Pope Benedict XVI sent a condolence message for the Himara tragedy.

“I want to express my deep sadness for the victims of the accident and I pray for them. My condolences go to those who are suffering for the tragic loss of their loved ones”, says the message that the Holy Father has sent to msg. Hil Kabashi, the Apostolic Administrator of Southern Albania.

Pope Benedict prays for the celestial blessing of the nation that has been hit by this tragedy.

Five injured girls leave the Vlore Hospital

Five students that were being cured at the Vlore Hospital were released after their health condition was normalized. Ergita Opingari from Berat left the hospital and went to the house of her family. She has broken her leg and fortunately has no other damages.

Tiziana Hysa is one of the first students that was able to tell about how the tragedy took place. She is out of live danger and has been cured for the damages on her back.

Besjana Xheneti is also in good conditions, but no one has told her that her fiancé has died.

Besjana was traveling together with her fiance, the 23-year-old Armand Halilaga, who died in this accident.

10 students were being cured in the Vlore Hospital, and four of them will keep staying under medical observation, but none of them is in life danger.

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