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Hyqmet Roda, vice director of the “Fshat” school in Fushë Kruja and also teacher, was relieved from this duty and was transferred to another school, in Nikel village of Kruja district.

He says that the reason was Roda’s refusal to participate at the electoral meeting of the Democratic Party.

“The day that Jozefina Topalli was coming here, they asked us teachers to put our signatures on a list for participation in the meeting. I signed and wrote that I will not be present, because the school must be depoliticized”, Hyqmet  Roda declared.

According to Roda, the school director, Bashkim Lamaj, was the person that asked him to sign the list. But Mr. Lamaj refused to give any comment on this matter. Contacted by Top-Channel, Mr. Lamaj said that he has not asked any list to be signed by the teachers. But Mr. Roda declared that his removal was made for pure political reasons.

“There were a lot of teachers and students in the meeting. They all know that there was a list for the participation in the meeting”, Roda added.

BRUSSELS, Belgium — The EU is asking Albania to re-establish political dialogue and hold free and democratic local elections on May 8th as a condition for integration. This position was reiterated on Thursday (April 14th) by Miroslav Lajcak, EU managing director for Europe and Central Asia, during his report to the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee. He called on the EP to continue supporting dialogue in Albania. “We have to continue with our pressure and they have to know that we are  observing the elections,” Lajcak said.

During the session, there was a heated exchange between Romanian EP member Victor Bostinaru and Albanian Parliament Speaker Jozefina Topalli. Bostinaru delivered an open letter to the public, describing the offence he took at a comment Topalli made to the Albanian parliament in February. Media reported that Topalli accused the opposition of having bribed European officials, including Bostinaru, to work against the visa liberalisation process for Albanians. On Thursday Bostinaru denied that and said he considers himself a friend of Albanians who wants to help countries that aspire to join the EU. He slammed Albanian politicians who try to discredit everyone who notes their mistakes. (Lajmifundit, Balkan Web, Top Channel, Top News, Klan – 14/04/11)

Erjon Braçe, head of the Parliamentary Investigative Commission for investigating the Parliament services and administration, has sent a letter to some of the ambassadors accredited in Tirana.

Through this letter, Mr. Braçe expresses his concern about the obstacles that this commission is having by Parliament Speaker, Mrs. Jozefina Topalli, and her administration.

If administrative obstacles were not enough, the letter said, there are also political obstacles, since deputies of the majority boycott the commission activity, Braçe says, by paralyzing its normal functions.

According to Braçe, the Albanian Parliament has approved a four-month deadline that is being damaged by majority deputies, despite the fact that the Parliament has not taken any decision to interrupt its work. On the contrary, the letter says, a working agenda has been approved.

Mr. Braçe concludes that this commission was established after the concerns expressed by the European Commission Opinion.

Once again the Socialist Party pointed its finger against the Parliament Speaker Jozefina Topalli, on what socialist deputy Taulant Balla considers as the ultimate scandal from Berisha’s government, regarding the competition that would select the winning company to construct the new parliamentary complex, a winner that according to Socialist Party was already chosen.

“Jozefina Topalli tries in vain to deny the fact that Viennese Studio COOPHIMELB (L) AU was selected 12 days before the winner announcement, eight days before the international jury sat to evaluate the projects. The name “Wolfgang Prix” was mentioned as architect of the new Albanian Parliament house, what means that COOPHIMELB (L) AU Company was already announced as winner.

According to the Socialist deputy, Parliament Speaker Topalli spent 50.000 more Euros from the Albanian tax payers’ money on TV ads, while the winner was already chosen.

“For what reason did she spent 50.000 Euros on preordered TV ads, while the winner’s deal was already closed. What is the real cost of this project? Who is the mediator that whispered the winner of this project to her ear?” Balla declared.

The Socialist Party deputy pointed out once again the 2 million Euros spent on the transformation of “The Pyramid” to a theater, and also the 700.000 Euros used for the existing Parliament House reconstruction. According to Balla, this sum and the money spent on unnecessary advertising are stolen from the tax payers’ pockets.

“Jozefina Topalli and Sali Berisha are responsible for 2.8 million Euros stolen from the Albanian tax payer. This is another example of what shameless greed defines today’s governing model of “The Coalition of Shame” that steals what it can. Despite culprits’ silence, Albanians will give their message to the thieves and murderers. No more abuses on public funds!” he said.

According to the Socialist Party, these facts are enough to show to the Albanians this government’s real face, which aims to thicken its pockets and not to contribute on the country’s development.