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Edi Rama presented to the Socialist Congress the new platform and program of the main opposition party. He defended the propositions for a new tax system, compensation to former persecuted people and a resolution for the property ownership issue, education and other sectors. 

Rama declared that the first decision that the Socialist Party will take when coming to power, will be the nullification of the law of waste import. Rama declared that this project is for 95% of the Albanians, different to the current government that works for the 5% that is only Berisha’s clientele.

The Socialist leader, Edi Rama, declared that the future government, led by the Alliance for the Future, will not take from common citizens the same taxes as from the rich people. (more…)

Mimi Kodheli, Spokesperson for the Socialist Party, appealed the Prime Minister Sali Berisha to stay away from the voting centers and respect the law and the Election Code.

She emphasized that the victory of the Socialist Party and “Alliance for the Future” is deepening all over Albania, mentioning Tirana and Vlore.

“I warn Sali Berisha, now that the night is about to fall, to stay away from voting centers, to respect the law and the Election Code, in respect of the transparency that this election process needs after the many problems it has had”, Kodheli declared.

“The victory of the Socialist Party and the ‘Alliance for the Future’ is extending. The last ballot box in Vlore was counted, while we follow the increasing results in the Tirana Municipality”, the Socialist Deputy emphasized.

The Socialist Party has denounced some minutes ago the violence that according to them, the State Police is ordering upon the Socialist commissioners in Zonal Election Commission 54, at Municipality no.10 in Tirana.

In another press release, the deputy Mimi Kodheli denounced the rejection of the media in this center, which, according to her, is being done to hide the violations made by the Democratic Party.

“I denounce the violence used by the State Police against the Socialist vote counters and commissioners at Zonal Election Commission 54, at Municipality no. 10. This violence is completely illegal, unjustified and endangers the electoral process. Meanwhile, the media is being held outside the vote counting process to prevent a clear transmission of the event”, Kodheli declared.

According to her, there is an attempt by the democratic commissioners to start the vote counting without the presence of the Socialist commissioners.

The Spokesperson for the Socialist Party, Mimi Kodheli, denounced the intentional delays that, according to her, are orchestrated by the Democratic Party to cover the election manipulation.

“The Socialist Party denounces the intentional delays of the vote counting process in the Zonal Election Commissions of Tirana. There have been unjustified interruptions of the vote counting process, part of a shameful strategy from the coalition of shame to deform the result”, Kodheli declared.

According to her, the Democratic Party commissioners are sabotaging the process to deform the votes in favor of the Socialist Party.

“Legal deadlines have expired and a small percentage of the voting centers have been counted. It is being repeated exactly what OSCE ODIHR evaluated in 2009 as a bad or very bad vote counting process”, Kodheli declared, accusing the Central Election Commission Chairman, Arben Ristani.

“The Central Election Commission is publishing deformed results that favor the losing candidate of the Tirana Municipality. The final goal of Berisha is to block the vote counting process until the short-term OSCE ODIHR observers will leave this Wednesday. Their attempts are useless. The Socialist Party has won in Tirana and in the greatest part of Albania”, Kodheli declared.

She asked from OSCE ODIHR on the opposition’s behalf to extend the short-term stay of their commissioners, to not allow this process to be deformed.

The Socialist Party has officially opened at the Palace of Congresses the campaign for local elections of May 8th. Ordinary citizens were those who
spoke firstly, thanking the Municipality of Tirana for the aid that has given to the citizens.

Later spoke some members of the Socialist party as Mimi Kodheli and Eduard Shalsi, who have praised the government′s achievements under the leadership of Mayor, Edi Rama.

Later spoke the municipal officials, who have presented various municipal projects that are implemented and that will be realized in the future.

Rama is running in this position for a fourth mandate to govern Tirana and opposite to him is the candidate of the Democratic Party and of the coalition “Alliance for the citizen” Lulzim Basha, who opened the campaign a few days ago. / /